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If you have made a purchase and decided you no longer require the item, please return to the below address within 7 days of purchase for a full refund (minus any P&P costs). Note - all unwanted items must be returned un-opened and in the same condition as they were when sold.

For faulty items within the warranty period please return goods with all supplied accessories, mauals etc that came with the item and in it's original packaging where possible.

In all cases please make sure you include your full address, contact details and the invoice number for the returned product.

By allowing Whizzbits to carry out any work for you, you accept that Whizzbits or any of it's employees will not be held liable for any data that may be lost due to hardware and/or software faults, or any work that is carried out on your systems.

It is your responsibility to ensure that any required data is backed up prior to any work taking place and we advise that data is also backed up and verified at regular intervals to a suitable media to prevent total loss of data in the event of any hardware failure or corruption in software.