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Whizzbits offers great value computer support services and takes the hassle out of the purchasing and running of your home & office systems...

Our aim is to keep your computer systems running as smoothly as possible so you can enjoy your time using them to their full potential instead of getting frustrated waiting for Windows to load, struggling with crashed applications, fake virus alerts popping up every time you use the internet and so on.

Onsite work is carried out by an experienced engineer, qualified to at least MCSA level (Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator) and all work carried out is covered by personal liability insurance for your peace of mind.  Below are just a few of the support services we offer, please call or email to discuss your own requirements.

Computer & Laptop Repair

We can service or repair most make of desktop and laptops on the market today such as Dell, HP, Compaq, Packard Bell, Toshiba, Mesh, Sony Vaio, Fujitsu, ASUS and Acer etc.  Typical work carried out includes replacement of hard drive, memory, CPU, graphics card, motherboard, dvd-rom.  More specific to laptops, we can swap out broken keyboards, LCD screens, repair DC power connectors and screen invertors, usually for a lot less then high street competitors due to our lower overheads.

Hardware Upgrade

If you machine is running slow or you require additional funtionality we can upgrade the hardware in your existing machine where possible.  Common upgrades include extra memory, a bigger hard drive or a newer 3d graphics card to enable you to play the latest games.  Sometimes it is more cost effective in the long run to replace an older machine completely rather then upgrade, and often not as expensive as you think because you can usually continue using your existing monitor, keyboard and mouse etc with the new machine.  As part of our upgrade service we can also copy all your data from the old machine or hard disk to the new one.

Virus & Spyware removal

One of the most common annoyances for home users is when their computer becomes infected with a virus.  This often decreases performance and causes issues with accessing the internet, not to mention numerous fake programs (trojans) ocuppying the screen which are usually hard to close down and remove.  We can usually fully remove these infections without the need to reinstall Windows and all your programs, which can take a long time and be very disruptive to your computer usage.  We can also advise and install software to help prevent the reoccurence of future infections if required. 

Networking, wireless and broadband

Having trouble installing the router your broadband provider sent to you or want to make sure your wireless setup is secure?  Just give us a call and we can arrange to come in and setup at a convenient time.
We also supply new routers, switches, wireless extenders, wireless adapters and can set these up for you if needed along with any other home/office networking requirements such as sharing folders, drives, printers and other resources between multiple devices.

Windows issues resolved

Whizzbits have many years experience supporting the following Microsoft Windows operating systems (95/98/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7) as well as server based technologies such as Windows NT4 Server, 2000, 2003 and 2008.  We provide support for common problems such as driver issues, corrupt system files, application installation and the dreaded blue screen of death errors (BSOD).  Other tasks include reinstalling Windows, upgrading to a later operating system and migrating an existing install to a new or larger hard disk.

System Health Check

If your computers performance has degraded over time, i.e Windows is slow starting up or shutting down then we can give your system a complete health check to make sure all software/hardware is working correctly.  Typically this includes anti-virus and spyware scans, a defrag of the hard disk, check the memory for errors, internal and external cleaning of the case including all fans (new CPU/heatsink thermal grease if required to stop your processor from over-heating), check startup programs and services to speed up the loading and shuting down of Windows.
We also test components such as CD/DVD drives and hard disks are functioning correctly and advise on any problems found and what action should be taken to resolve them.